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Our approach to analytics can reveal opportunities you never knew you had

RocAnalytics follows an innovative and lean approach to data analytics. We draw actionable insights from data using statistical tools and techniques. Our capabilities include everything from simple data processing to complex statistical skills such as Cross-tabs, Predictive Modeling, Regression Analysis, Factor Analysis, CHAID and Conjoint Analysis.

We provide the following analytics services:

Our statisticians and data scientists specialise in developing solutions for business problems across industries and functions such as Customer Experience, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Production, Procurement and Finance.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Mix Analysis, Pricing Analysis and Optimisation, Trade/Consumer Promotion Effectiveness, Key Value Item Identification, Concept Testing and Brandmatics etc.

Customer Analytics

Life Time Value & Retention Analysis, Growth & Acquisition Models, Customer Segmentation, Cross-sell/Up-sell and Churn Prediction etc.

Pricing & Spend Analytics

Cost Buckets and Price Sensitivity Analysis, Price Leakage Analysis, Product Tail analysis and Differential Pricing Analysis etc.

Risk & Fraud Analytics

Risk Scorecards Pricing & Credit Line Management, Fraud Detection and Delinquency Forecasting etc.

HR Analytics

Compensation Benchmarking, Business Continuity Planning, Workforce Forecasting and Scenario Testing & Optimisation etc.

Operations Analytics

Lost Sales Driver Analysis, Demand Planning & Forecasting, Route Optimisation, Supply Chain Analytics and Safety Stock Planning etc.

Digital Analytics

Web Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Sentiment Analysis, Blog Analytics etc.

Our statisticians and data scientists have expertise across various tools


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