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RocSupport services enable our clients to reduce administrative costs by running leaner support teams

Finance & Accounting BPO Services

Our Finance & Accounting support services are delivered by a team of trained chartered accountants and financial analysts who are adept at successfully transitioning onsite processes. Key competencies include accounting, auditing, payroll processing, MIS reporting and logistics support.

Design & Infographics Support

Our designers are experts in creating and designing powerful infographics for storytelling and marketing purposes using tools such as Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign), web-design applications (Dreamweaver, HTML and CSS3) and Corel Draw 17.

PowerPoint Production Support

Our graphics analysts provide support in creating, designing and formatting electronic presentations. Through a combination of creative design, editorial services, and PowerPoint production capabilities we consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.

Talent Accquisition Solutions

Our HR consultants work with our clients’ in-house HR teams to optimise their recruitment processes gradually often resulting in eliminating the need for using external recruitment agencies altogether. Our talent acquisition services are based on scientifically developed questionnaires and assessment tools that give an insight not only on technical competencies but also on personality related aspects of potential candidates leading to a more accurate hiring, the removal of inefficiencies such as intuition based hiring and significant savings in external recruitment costs.


Independent, insightful and instantly applicable solutions for your business issues. Our portfolio of research services includes Business Research, Financial Research, Investment Research, Procurement Research and Market Research...
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We have an innovative and lean approach to data analytics. Our capabilities include everything from simple data processing to complex statistical skills, including Cross-tabs, Predictive Modeling, Regression Analysis and much more...
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RocSolutions include our premium proprietary products that solve key business challenges across industries...
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